West Ealing Public Art Strategy

West Ealing Public Art Strategy

Public Art Urban Strategy, Cultural Curation and Place-making

YOU&ME are working with local artist Jai Tyler and London Borough of Ealing (LBE)  to deliver a public art and place-making strategy for the West Ealing Liveable Neighbourhood area (WELN). Alongside the urban strategy, the report includes an accelerated review of 5 pilot schemes being developed as part of the revised TfL Gate 4 submission in April 2021. The strategy identifies artwork themes and includes recommendations on artwork types, budgets, locations, procurement routes, local artists and community groups. The proposals have been coordinated with new public realm proposals by Project Centre London which will be delivered in parallel.


Together with the wayfinding strategy and public realm designs, the artworks need to provide an identity to the overall WE neighbourhood as well as providing a sense of place within each individual pilot site area.


Having reviewed the work done to date, our site observations and West Ealing’s history and current dynamic, we have concluded that the most prominent overarching theme is West Ealing's rich and diverse community.


As a visual metaphor to demonstrate the notion of diversity we use the idea that W.E. is a patchwork of different elements - the place, its history and current dynamic, its growing community and activities - stitched together to make a whole.  Further sub-categories sit under this overarching diversity theme: Growing & Greening; Stories & Histories; Wellbeing & Sustainability.