Naiku Shrine

Naiku Shrine

A Habitual Thinker: Pavilion Commission

YOU&ME were invited to collaborate with photographer Steffi Klenz for an exhibition in the Pavilion, Leeds and Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham. Klenz’s work explores depictions of the Naiku Shrine in Japan, which every 20 years is substituted for an identical replica as part of the Shinto belief of renewal. Different artists, architects and model-makers were asked to build models of the structure based on the only available blueprint.


YOU&ME’s interpretation is based on the relationship between the holy and the natural. The model is made using paper only, a material relating to the Japanese paper making and origami tradition and alludes to the ephemeral 20-year cycle of the shrine.  Projections of Hokusai’s views of the Mount Fuji are used to represent the cyclical nature of the temple and the rituals that take place throughout the four seasons.  



Steffi Klenz

Jan Cihak

Nicola Eiffler

Daniel Kaschub

Dorte Klenz

Wiebke Leister

Melissa Moore

Jan Naraine

Tom Pailing

Julian Rowe

Kristina Schonwalder

Roland Siegel

Konrad Susskow

Daniel Wilkinson