Krypti Exhibition

Krypti Exhibition

Exhibition design and curation

YOU&ME collaborated with the Greek artist and sculptor, Dionysis Papadatos to create an interactive exhibition / installation of his works. The exhibition takes place at Krypti (meaning ‘Hidden’) Cultural Centre in Greece and explores themes of natural and artificial landscapes, creating playful and immersive juxtapositions both within the exhibition space itself and in the surrounding landscape of the olive grove. The artist’s work explores natural and archaic motifs using artificial materials so it was appropriate to explore how the natural and the manmade can co-exist.


The concept for the exhibition takes cues from the identity of Krypti and so the wayfinding is curated as a game of ‘Hide and Seek’. The visitor’s experience commences inside Krypti, where the artworks sit on cut tree trunk plinths, and then disperses into the surrounding landscape, seeking the hidden artworks within the olive grove. Visitors discover the pieces following a trail of brightly coloured insertions, the colours (yellow, blue and green) being artificial versions of the colour palette found within the landscape., and then continues outside. 


A series of picture frames compose new views and draw you to the exhibits; a sky blue ladder takes you to an artwork perched on an olive branch; an acid yellow trunk reveals another; a seminar table hosts workshops; and two stools made from olive oil tanks invite you to sit and discuss. All materials used are reclaimed and recycled.



Dionysis Papadatos

Krypti Cultural Centre